Mr. Subhash Tuli President - MGCPS


Mr. Subhash Tuli President (MGCPS) Founder President (Modern Academy Lucknow Ghaziabad) Director (IDBI), Mr. Subhash Tuli plays a vital role in the field of education. He is the Founder Presidentof Modern Girls College of Professional Studies affiliated to the University of Lucknow for B.Com (H), BBA, BCA and BIMC courses, Modern Academy (Lucknow) & Modern Academy (Ghaziabad), ISO 9001:2000 certified co-educational schools, imparting education up to ICSE & ISC. He is also the president of Happy Hours Inter College (Lucknow) & St. Peters Inter College (Lucknow), both affiliated to the UP Board. Mr. Tuli is the founder and senior partner of an esteemed firm of Chartered Accountants, S Tun & Co. (Lucknow), through which he is associated with over S00 most prestigious educational institutions imparting Secondary, Higher, Technical, Medical Education all over India & also with a number of Banks, Insurance companies, esteemed industrial & business Houses as their Chartered Accountant & Tax Consultant. The Government of India has honoured Mr S Tuli by appointing him the Director of Industrial Development Bank of India (IMP, headquartered at Mumbai).

Mr. Subhash Tuli, a man of high values has actively been engaged with welfare of the handicapped. The noble deeds of a man with great thoughts have been well appreciated and The Life Time Achievement Award conferred on him by the State Government for meaningful contribution in the field of Welfare of Handicapped. The guidance of such an intellectual percolating the members of all his institutions has greatly helped the students bloom into flowers of knowledge. Being a beacon of knowledge who gives hope to all those desiring a shining future, he has undoubtedly become an exponent of welfare.